Next-Gen Edge OS for Cloud Workspaces

Together, IGEL and Alchemy help organizations convert their endpoints with a simple, smart and secure operating system that connects any x86 compatible devices with cloud workspaces.


As an IGEL Platinum Partner, Alchemy Tech Group understands just how simple, smart and secure the IGEL OS is. With IGEL, our customers have been able to experience extreme CapEx hardware savings, a reduction in ongoing operating expenses and deliver a more secure and easier to manage endpoint environment.

Benefits of IGEL's Next-Gen OS for Cloud Workspaces

Hardware Agnostic. Benefit from the highly secure Linux-based operating system for x86 machines. Regardless of manufacturer, the platform-independent IGEL OS is designed to become the standard enterprise managed operating system for all x86 devices.

Minimize CAPEX Expenses. Eliminate the cost of new hardware by extending the life of your current assets. 


Increased Security. Sleep easy knowing that the core operating system on endpoint devices has not been compromised. The Linux-based IGEL OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant to viruses and other malware.

Easy to Customize. Make your endpoint devices look and perform exactly the way you want, without having to overhaul your backend infrastructure.

Why Alchemy?

At Alchemy Technology Group we strive to bring a level of expertise and effort that is truly transformative to our customers’ business. We build lasting relationships and an unbreakable trust with our customers.

Alchemy's position as a thought leader in digital transformation and the contextual workspace is only empowered by IGEL's ability to help our customers enhance their end-user compute environments. As an award winning, end-user computing solution provider, Alchemy has the experience and consulting expertise to help organizations leverage IGEL to help reduce cost while future proofing their endpoints -  and ensure the successful deployment of the solution. 

Our People

Our team has been hand selected from industry leaders in the partner, vendor and customer community. The resulting empathy, experience and expertise fuels the perspective required to create transformative business outcomes. Whether looking to get more longevity out of existing hardware, standardize endpoints to provide adaptive configuration and granular control, or improve security as part of work-from-home initiatives, our team of Alchemists will assure business objectives are met. 

Technical Expertise. With over 400 years of experience and over 150 certifications, Alchemy's consulting talent brings world class expertise to your team. 

Account Manager Experience. Our Account Managers average over 15 years experience selling technology solutions and are interested in creating trust based, lasting relationships - not deals. 

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IGEL and Alchemy

What People Are Saying

Quote 1

"The value that IGEL brings to the market has only been exacerbated by the increase in remote work demands. In this climate, every organization should evaluate how IGEL can help deliver a smarter, more secure workspace."

-- Jason Willis, Alchemy Practice Principal

Quote 2

"Alchemy has become one of IGEL's most trusted partners because of their experience delivering enterprise workspace environments and because of their customer centric culture. "

-- Eric Jans, Channel Development Manager

Alchemy and IGEL

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